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E90D Bartolini Guitar Humbucker. ACTIVE. Bridge Position.

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E90D Bartolini Guitar Humbucker. ACTIVE. Bridge Position.

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9V active Bartolini Humbucker. Model E90D (bridge position). Has built-in preamp. 

Standard size and shape as other brand humbuckers, this unit drops easily into your electric guitar. 

E90D. Bridge - DEEP tone. High output + boost. 
This guitar humbucker pickup is well known for its depth, high clarity and definition.  It brings out every nuance in the inner voices of complex chords. The attack and overall quality of tone is in the region between crisp, acoustic tone and the rounded, or “diffused”, treble quality of vintage humbuckers. This allows a very flexible interaction with on-board and amplifier tone settings. 

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